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Bringing you the best in the Asian technological industry, Hamamatsu is a company that serves to increase its presence worldwide by providing premiere electronics and associated products. The company has been making waves in the technological market since it first entered in 1948 as Tokai Electronics Laboratory. Over time, this industry giant flourished and grew producing newer, more innovative products with each wave. Its focus on electrical sensors, light sources, and various devices that were optical in nature, brought them to the forefront of the photonics niche of the industry. Over time, the company noted increasing capital gains. From a start of 500,000 yen in 1953, the company steadily grew its profits over time to a high of 7 billion yen in 1987. The company continues to draw attention and increase its profit margin with the stunning attention to detail and meticulously dedicated service known to their wide pool of dedicated consumers and affiliates. Uniquip admires the dedication and perseverance presented by Hamamatsu as it attempts to conquer global technology markets. We value our partnership with this leader in the photonics industry and wish to bring its incomparable products and service to our consumers. Our partnership relies on mutual understanding and respect for the need for customer satisfaction. We here at Uniquip believe that there is no price too big to pay for the satisfaction of each individual consumer in our market. Aside from bringing you the very best in Hamamatsu technology, we offer you dedicated after sales service, including maintenance, repair, kitting, and installation. There is nothing higher than the call to service, as provided by our committed team of industry professionals. Our agent center works round the clock to answer your concerns and bring you the latest developments in the technological industry. We pride ourselves in giving customers the best.
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