Bernstein Electronic Components

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Founded in Shrewsbery, the company had to procure new facilities in 1998 to accomodate its growing operations. This is only a minute view of the sheer expansive growth Bernstein has undergone the past few decades, a huge feat in a realm of real movers and shakers. To this day, the company endeavors to remain at the forefront of technological advancement and innovation. Over the years, Bernstein has established itself as a leader in providing the best in reliable sensors, enclosures, and safety switches. These pieces cover a wide range of uses in many different industries and sectors. Each piece undergoes strict quality control to last years of wear and tear.Their dedication and meticulous attention to detail have made Bernstein the technological giant it is today. There is no small measure of knowledge driving the Berstein franchise. The company boasts a solid team of engineers, manufacturers, and industry specialists that ensure the quality of each piece that leaves the assembly line. As a company that does not believe in skimping on quality, each piece is rigorously tested to exceed expcetations, each product can withstand years of constant use. Uniquip takes pride in being one in a dedicated group of Bernstein distributors. We believe in the goals and adherence to quality set forth by the company, and want to bring its products and services directly to our customers, because we believe that you deserve only the best. Bernstein pieces are available at reasonable prices with appropriate after sales service and assistance. The customer service team at Uniquip is trained to handle any problems regarding equipment function and maintenance. Our commitment extends past the line of exchange of goods and services and enters the wide arena of customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves in giving our clients the very best. No matter what the need, we are there to fulfill it.
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