Allegro Sanken Electronic Components

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Allegro Sanken is a brand well known for its dedication to quality and achievements in the world of quality electrical parts and components. Recognized as a leader in the industry, Allegro has proved repeatedly that its semiconductors are some of the best in the industry. Sanken semiconductors fulfil the needs of the automotive industry, with great ease and resilience. The brand is also heavily involved with the creation of innovative circuitry units, and boasts expertise in the realm of "plug and play" technology. Currently, a main thrust of the company is to further their hold in the industry through their two main manufacturing arms, dedicated to sensor and power IC's respectively. This approach is aimed at entering a challenging industry with one foot in the door. Assigned Sanken manufacturing facilities are tasked with producing only the best in electrical components. Uniquip carries a wide range of Allegro Sanken products, including their latest innovations in IC technology. We make it a point to find out what our customers need and procure products at the very pinnacle of technological innovation. These products are taken straight from their certified manufacturing and testing plants, and are guaranteed 100% authentic. When you purchase Sanken items from us, you are assured that they will last a lifetime. We take pride in providing our customers with only the best in products and services. Aside from our qualified team of industry specialists, we can offer you kitting, installation, and maintenance procedures for any Allegro Sanken product you purchase. We are committed to finding out what you need and are willing to go the extra mile to obtain any rare or hard-to-find products on the market. There is no limit to what we can and will do for our customers. You satisfaction is our first order of business.
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